Monthly Archives: September 2016

Before Midnight (2013)

Over the past few days I’ve enjoyed the immense pleasure of finally experiencing Richard Linklater’s acclaimed Before trilogy, which have long been a collection of films I’ve been eager to see for some time. I’ve considered Linklater to be one of my favourite directors for a while now, with School of Rock a childhood delight of mine and Dazed & […]

Before Sunset (2004)

Nine years after Jesse and Celine spent a magical night together in Vienna, Before Sunset sees them reunite in Paris after their hastily-arranged plans to meet six months after their initial meeting never materialised. If Before Sunrise was a whirlwind testament to the beauty and spontaneity of love and attraction, Sunset is the bitter reminder that life often ends up getting […]

Before Sunrise (1995)

A guy and a girl meet on a train and decide to spend an impromptu night together in Vienna. They enjoy the brief time they have together riding streetcars, browsing record stores, walking by the river and musing over all of life’s big’s questions. In the hours they have in each other’s company, with a […]

The Shallows (2016)

As rewarding and fulfilling as films with complex themes and lofty ideas can be, sometimes one that is short, sweet and unapologetically to-the-point can be just what the doctor ordered. As one of the surprise hits of the summer The Shallows is certainly a film that ticks all of those boxes, with its modest 86-minute runtime […]

Hunger (2008)

The Troubles lead to the deaths of thousands and caused immeasurable suffering across the decades in which they spanned, representing some of the darkest days seen on the British Isles since the end of World War II. Irish republicans fought against Ulster loyalists in a bloody campaign that led to the British government deploying military personnel […]